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Why Senator Hunter is fighting for emergency medical care on South Side (AUDIO) — Illinois Senate Democrats, 11/22/2013

“Coffin march” at University draws crowd after downtown senate hearing — Chicago Maroon, 11/22/2013

South Side ‘trauma center desert’ subject of state hearing — ABC6 News, 11/21/2013

South Siders March To U Of Chicago Hospital In Demand Of A Trauma Center — Progress Illinois, 11/21/2013

Still Fighting for their Lives: Youth-Led Trauma Center Campaign Continues… — US Prison Culture, 11/22/2013

State Lawmakers Join Protesters in Call for Trauma Center on South Side — DNA Info, 11/20/2013

Busy Day for Trauma Center Activists  — 11/20/2013

Why south side trauma center activists face an uphill battle, and why they won’t quit — 11/20/2013

March for trauma care on South Side — Hyde Park Herald, 11/20/2013

How Bad Is Violence in Chicago? Depends On Your Race — The Atlantic, 9/26/2013

U.S. Rep. Rush Seeks Federal Funding To End Trauma Center Deserts — Progress Illinois, 8/1/2013

Rep. Bobby Rush Seeks Federal Funds for More Trauma Centers — NBC Chicago, 7/22/2013

Congressman Rush introduces bill to fund trauma centers — WBEZ, 7/22/2013

Congressman Bobby Rush asks for more trauma centers on Chicago’s South Side — ABC, 7/22/2013

Rep. Rush, Activists Call for More Trauma Centers on South Side — CBS, 7/22/2013

Rep. Rush pushes to end trauma deserts — WGN, 7/22/13

Renewed call for a Level 1 trauma center at University of Chicago hospital — Chicago Sun-Times, 5/28/2013

Protestors say trauma center needed at University of Chicago Medical Center — Medill Reports Chicago, 5/28/2013

Hospital officials meet with group pushing for trauma center — WGN, 5/28/2013

Activists Continue to Push for Trauma Center at U of C — CBS, 5/28/2013

University of Chicago Hospital Head: We Won’t Build a Trauma Center — DNA Info, 5/28/2013

U. of C. Rethinks Protest Policy After Criticism of Campus Police — DNA Info, 5/6/2013

Sequester Pain Goes Beyond Air Travel — Chicago Sun Times, 4/30/2013

Arrestees weigh in on scrutiny to UCPD — Hyde Park Herald, 4/28/2013

Chicago lacks sufficient trauma centers to deal with major terrorist attack— Congressman Bobby Rush, on The Hill blog, 4/24/2013

South Side isn’t ready for health emergencies — Chicago Sun Times, 4/22/2013

Chicago trauma center report: distance from treatment impacts gunshot survival rates — Huffington Post, 4/20/13

Gunshot victims on South Side travel farther to trauma centers, die more — WBEZ 4/18/13

SHE Presents Research in Support of Trauma Center — Chicago Maroon 4/11/13

Shot, then Shut Out — In These Times 3/21/13

Who does Uchicago Serve? — The Nation 3/15/13

U. of C. puts 2 on leave, says cop posed as protester — Chicago Tribune 3/5/13

U. of C. cops on leave after allegedly posing as protesters — Sun Times 3/4/13

South Side trauma center — Fox Chicago 3/4/13

Trauma center sit-in arrestees claim victory — STOP Chicago 3/2/13

Undercover UCPD detective infiltrates protest  — Chicago Maroon 3/2/13

Activists fight for trauma centers — Nw Herald 3/1/13

Residents Demand U of C Reopen Trauma Center —  Lawndale News 2/28/13

Chicago gun violence drives push for more trauma care as hospitals cut back on facilities — Washington Post 2/27/13

Chicago violence drives push for more trauma care — Post Bulletin 2/27/13

Protesters demand U of C opens trauma center — ABC Local 2/23/13

Protesters March For Adult Trauma Center At U Of C — CBS Local 2/23/13

On Opening Day of New $700M U of C Hospital — Enews Park Forest 2/22/13

Gun Violence, Property Taxes, and Community on Chicago’s South Side — Law Professor Blogs 2/17/13

Trauma center calls back — Hyde Park Herald 2/6/13

FLY, SHE continue calls for trauma center with flower vigil — Chicago Maroon 2/5/13

U of Chicago’s violent crime — Socialist Worker 2/5/13

Protesters Return Demanding Trauma Center  — DNA Info Chicago 2/2/13

Marchers for ER access violently arrested — 1/31/13

U Of C Trauma Center Protest: Peaceful Sit-In At University Hospital — Huffington Post 1/28/13

Chicago trauma center protesters accuse cops of roughing them up — The Raw Story 1/28/13

UCMC demonstrators protest treatment — Hyde Park Herald 1/28/13

Four arrested in trauma center protest — Chicago Maroon 1/28/13

Several Arrested in Trauma Center Protest  — the Black Youth Project 1/28/13

Statement on protest at Center for Care and Discovery — University of Chicago 1/28/13

Chicago trauma center protesters accuse cops of roughing them up — Sign of the Times 1/28/13

4 protesters demanding trauma center at U. of C. arrested  — Chicago Tribune 1/27/13

Grey City: What Lies in Store for Campus Activists — Chicago Maroon 12/4/12

University Of Chicago And The South Side — Progress Illinois 10/9/12

Community marches 10 miles for trauma center — Chicago Maroon 5/15/12

Slow Motion Emergency— Chicago Weekly 4/19/12

UCMC sounds off in open forum with trauma center activists — Chicago Maroon 11/11/11

Halloween Protest Demands Trauma Center At U Of C — CBS Local 11/1/11

Protestors continue their demands for trauma center — Chicago Crusador 8/20/11

On anniversary of tragedy, youth leaders push again for trauma center — Chicago Now 8/16/11

Protesters call for South Side adult trauma center — ABC Local 8/15/11

Protesters: U Of C Hospital Must Treat Gunshot Victims — CBS Local 8/15/11

Protesters Say University Of Chicago Medical Center Needs Trauma Care — Huffington Post 8/15/11

Protesters Demand New U. of C. Trauma Center — NBC Chicago 8/15/11

‘Tent city’ protest calls for new U. of C. trauma center — Chicago Tribune 8/14/11

Officials defend lack of trauma center, tout UCMC’s offerings — Chicago Maroon 5/13/11

Tribune Footage of Trauma Center Protest at UCMC — Chicago Tribune 4/23/11

Panel argues for trauma care — Chicago Maroon 1/21/11

Celebration, protest mark MLK Day —  Chicago Maroon 1/21/11

How Much Is a Life Worth? — Chicago Weekly 1/19/11

UCMC’s critical distance — Chicago Weekly 11/17/10

Die-in on quad protests UCMC — Chicago Maroon 11/16/10

Teens Protest Lack Of U. of C. Trauma Center — CBS Local 11/12/10

Activist’s death sparks UCMC protests — Chicago Maroon 10/3/10

A Death Sparks a Demand for Care — New York Times 10/2/10

Shooting victim’s mother calls for more trauma centers — ABC Local 9/28/10


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